Parents’ Duties

Parents with school responsabilities

To arrive 15 minutes prior to start of rota and will be the last to leave.

Duties of Parents with school responsabilities:

  • keeping watch during breaktimes
  • act as a teaching assistant for the younger children's classes
  • photocopying (simple copies)
  • act punctually as the "bell ringer"
  • help children with their bathroom needs
  • help with cleaning the classroom in case of spillage or similar
  • to ensure that only our children our staff and our children are on  school premises
  • check all classrooms after studies are finished - to ensure they are neat and tidy
  • to ensure that children are picked up/ collected by their parents
  • notify school management in case of an incident.

Your input and help will support our School and our Children. Everything you do to help will help promote the School - your Children will benefit! Thank you for your support!